John Doe

  • “I hired Dr. Walmer to conduct an evaluation of a client.  During the evaluation, Dr. Walmer developed a strong rapport with the client, despite that the client was very difficult.  After the evaluation, Dr. Walmer contacted me and provided a very thorough explanation of his conclusions and even provided helpful advice for how to improve my relationship with the client.  Dr. Walmer is competent, thorough, and made communication easy; I would recommend him to my colleagues in the future.”

  • “Dr. Walmer is one of the best forensic psychiatrists I have worked with. I have known Dr. Walmer since our training at the Division of Law and Psychiatry at Yale University, where even as a trainee he demonstrated an uncanny accuracy in his forensic assessments, a commanding presence when on the stand, and a deep understanding of the science and jurisprudence related to his work. Dr. Walmer has continued to do forensic assessments in Colorado, and is truly one of the emerging leaders in his area.”

    HASSAN MINHAS M.D. East Coast-based Brown and Yale University-trained Adult, Child and Forensic Psychiatrist
  • “Dr. Walmer performed a second competency evaluation at my request.  My client had a long and complicated mental health history and was uncooperative with evaluators, but Dr. Walmer was willing and able to reach out to collateral sources in order to provide a very thorough analysis and persuasive finding well within the given time-frame.  The Judge, DA, and I were all impressed by his work.”

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